College Application in Ionic 3

The era of mobile technology opens the windows to the android app. Its time to change from conventional websites to applications, which has become the part of our daily routine so here we are presenting the College Application in Ionic 3.

Creating an app is a multipurpose program here we are considering the user as either a current student or other audience individually this application gives us a total solution to everyone.

Ionic application for colleges and colleges acts as an overview about the campus to a new member, the college history, departments, faculties, major events conducted and courses offered by the college.

Our Motive – Empowering colleges to take student engagement on next level.

Let’s see what we are creating.

Needs Of College Application-

College Application helps colleges to transform their current colleges into a digital one to reach out to most college students. It allows colleges to connect with their students through app alerts, institutional notices, timetable, date sheets, results & many other different options. it is mainly intended to meet the needs of colleges for reaching out to most college students.

College application is a white label app which allows colleges to re-brand it with their own details. It helps colleges to reach out to their students in a more interactive way.

Benefits Of College Application

  • The colleges are permitted to set up the app for the desired colour scheme, header image and much more.
  • Colleges can replace both the “About us” & “Contact us” pages with their own college’s information and share their own contact details along with the required forms and maps.
  • The App works like a perfect tool for colleges & they don’t need to do manual email marketing or send SMS to students about institutional updates.

College Application’s Benefits to Students-

  • It helps students to get timely updated about institutional updates, news, notifications or alerts.
  • The students are permitted to view the timetable posted by their college.
  • The students can find the contact details of colleges from “contact us” page of college app & send their queries related to fee structure, more course details, time table updations, etc.
  • The students can go through the courses & check all course details offered by an college.
  • Both the students and teachers of an College can get connected with the college via this app.
  • The students have the ability to view images & videos in Gallery section updated or posted by their institution. 
  •  The app also allows students to verify all details about the courses/ classes/ subjects updated by an institution.
  • The students can find their results and practice exam paper in the app easily.
  • The student can connect to their teachers and discuss the important topic in here.
  • Students can also check their attendance  of class week-wise or monthly in college app.

The App is packed with Powerful Features-

Home Screen
The college App home screen presents menu categories, about us, events, admissions, placements, courses, video gallery, image gallery, notifications and contact us and the most important Student Corner page links. The home screen of the app comes with a slider to display images of the colleges. 

College Information
About Us page, Contact Us, Map and
gallery are available in the app to display college information & address details. The map feature helps college to display the exact location on the map & students will be able to easily locate your college. A pin on the live map presents the exact location of the college with college address. 

A fully working notification feature is integrated into the app. And, college can use this feature to update students regarding institutional news, emergency alerts or other notices. 

Video & Image Gallery 
The college can use the video & image gallery pages to upload/post videos & images regarding college. 

Courses Options 
The college app allows colleges to display their own courses & sub courses to students & students can have quick access to those courses along with course details.

Admissions & Placements
The college app allows colleges to display the information related to admission processes and the placements of the students.

Student Corner 
The college app allows students to login with the specific admission id into the student corner and get access to a vast amount of information like :-

  • Students can view their exam and assignment results in the student corner section.
  • Students can also give practice test/exams in the app for revisions.
  • Students can view their attendance and exam time tables in this section.
  • Student Corner allows students to connect with the teachers and make discussions from time to time.

Application Prerequisite-

  • Java JDK

  • Android

  • NPM

  • Apache Cordova

  • Ionic Framework

Ionic Design-
college app relies on UI elements supported by Ionic Framework. Ionic Framework features a thorough and inspiring CSS framework which is useful in case of layout styling. Moreover, the way it works with header elements is very similar to accessible libraries that you may have used earlier. Headers come with different default color choices. Furthermore, ionic features its own built-in icon library that offers every required thing. Although, you can also take benefit of Ionic’s UI components to grab a fully customized & functional UI. 

Standout features of College Application

  1. College app is a cross platform ionic app which makes it high-quality, interactive, fast & multiple mobile platforms supporting app.
  2. It features different menu categories like about us, courses, gallery, notifications and contact us. The colleges can utilize or customize all such categories according to their own needs.
  3. With a notification feature, the colleges can send alerts or other emergency notices to students.
  4. The app facilitates colleges with video & the image gallery feature, which permits colleges to upload video or images related to institute.
  5. It supports students to have a quick access to the list of courses or sub courses displayed or shared by college through the institute app.


# To read more about the implementation steps here you can go to the Difficulties faced creating the elements for College Application and its solutions Post of ours.



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